This is the last post about London dears! I can say: it's a picture overload!
We had a sight-seeing day. First we got on the tube to Buckingham Palace and then we walked to Westminster.

After we saw the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parlement and London Eye, we went to Tower Hill Station. My dad wanted to visit the Tower of London (a musuem), so I thought: ''ah he walked with me through the shops all day yesterday, now I can come with him to.'' Ain't I a great daughter?! Hihi.

And after that busy day, I desirved Starbucks!

What I was wearing: parka, necklace, leggings Primark, top Vila, shoes Dolcis

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Cool look! love the parka and the color of your hoodie ;)


  2. Heel leuk Lisa!
    Ik ga in de zomervakantie ook weer naar Londen, can't wait :)

  3. LONDON! ♥
    lovely pictures xx


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