My Little Christmas

Hi lovely people,

It was over all too soon.... Christmas has come to an end.
I'm sorry I don't have any pictures for you to show, but I just wanted to say that I really hope you all had a nice Christmas weekend! What presents did you get and how did you spend your days?

Christmas eve I went out for dinner with my bf and another couple, we had such fun and a lovely dinner. On Christmas Day I was at my family in law. We did presents in the morning at my bf's and in the afternoon we went to his uncle and aunt. There we had a great Christmas dinner with turkey!
My bf and I started of Boxing Day with a Christmas breakfast, that was very romantic! About four o'clock we went to our mums house, also there we had turkey for dinner. Then we watched The Terminal all together.

So, you understand, I'm two kilos heavier now.... lol!

Oh and some presents I got: a faux fur coat from my grandma, a faux fur hat and a 50 euros H&M gift card from my mother, a gold My Name Necklace from my dad and a 25 euros gift card of a jewellery shop from my father in law. And what did I get from my bf? Well... He ordered shoes I really really wanted, he payed and waited for it to arrive, but two days before x-mas he got an e-mail that the shoes were sold out!!! So, I can still choose a present I want from him, that will not be a problem I think ;) hihi.

I'm already talking too much right now, you might be getting bored!

Goodnight everyone xoxoxo

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  1. leuke blog en jij en je vriendje zijn echt n cute couple!


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