Here are some items I really want to have. I know they're already quit some time in the shops, but money woudn't let me to buy them! :( The overknee boots (left under) I ordered in August, unfortunately I'll receive them mid-November... Coming sunday I'm going to The Hague for a shopping trip. I can not wait! Omg... I'm so addicted to shopping, it's not normal anymore... Do you recognize that feeling?

all items are from h&m

Here are some clothing items that are perfect, in my opinion, for an evening going out.
Although I can not choose between the two dresses, which one do you prefer?

boots: bonprix.nl - the rest is all newlook

Dearest fashion lovers,
I have got long, blonde hair and I'm bored with it! It's waivy hair from nature. I straighten it almost every day and sometimes I make curls. Do you know some hair trends that would be nice for this season? Send pictures, websites etc etc.
Thank you! XOXO

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  1. I would prefer the right dress :) they are not ordinary, very interesting..


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