I'm sorry, it was a rainy day

Hello loves! Just a quick post to let you know I'm not in home this weekend. I am going to England with my dad, to family. My niece Olivia was born a few weeks ago and we're going to her christening. I will be back on monday, so you don't have to miss my posts for a long time hihi :) Monday morning/midday I'm going shopping with my dad in Canterbury, oeeeh lucky me! Primark, TOPSHOP, NewLook, Dorothy Perkins, Accessorizes, Jane Norman, Next etc.all these shops LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Anyway, today was terrible weather, so that's why the photo is crap quality. I'm wearing my new blazer from H&M, my tights, clutch and wedges are from Primark and the scarf is Shoeby's.

When I'm back in Holland I hope I can post some new nice photos to you!

Have a lovely weekend, xoxo

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