Another day in Primark

Hi you guys! How was your thursday? I had a lovely day. With some people of school I went to a kind of study market. It was in INHolland Rotterdam and Hogeschool Rotterdam. It was very useful, because now I know more of what I want to study next year. I think it's going to be social economics or small business and retail. Also the study hospitality and event management sounds so good, but that's sooooooo expensive, I don't think my dad is able to afford that.
Well anyway, after that, some friends and I went (again) to Primark! It was only two stops with the subway! Two of my friends had never been there, one bought for €70 on stuff!!! I found a pair of wedges and this time I did buy the clutch! A shame the wedges weren't in black, but the colour camel is one of THE colours this autumn, so I couldn't go wrong.

After Primark we went to Beurs Rotterdam to go to the New Look, unfortunately I couldn't find anything I realy liked. In ZARA I bought a sort of scarf/mini-cape/poncho.

Brrrrrr by the way, it's getting colder every day, don't you think? I'm freezing!!

Have a nice evening my loves,


6 opmerkingen:

  1. nice boots, next time I see you I want to see you walkin on them !


  2. nice wedges !! and yea it's getter tooo cold and winter hasn't even started yet .. oh my :(

    xoxo http://sheshotta.blogspot.com

  3. oh wow i lovr those boots xxxxx

  4. the clutch is great, love it !

    xo lala


  5. Geweldige wedges :) En inderdaad, het word echt steeds kouder! En het is nog maar herfst :( x

  6. woow! zou nooit zeggen dat die spulletjes van de primark komen :)


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