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Hi sweets,

Well, I already posted some blogs about some stuff, but maybe you think: who's that girl?  So here is my introduction! :)

My name is Lisa Jane Parker, everybody just calls me Lisa. I am seventeen years old and I'm in my exam year. Next year I will be going to college to study something with marketing. I live in a town near Rotterdam, Holland. I live together with my dad and I don't have any brothers or sisters. I don't mind, because I don't know better. My dad is English and my mum is Dutch.
Since 16th of June 2009 I have a boyfriend, his name is Richard, he is 20 years old. We always have a great time together, I love him to bits!
Every Saturday I work on the market, at the bakery. I earn €55 per day, so that's quit a nice income! :D

When did my huge heart for fashion start? Well........... good question, I have to go back in time now..... When I was in primary school, it could not really bother me what I was wearing. I bought clothes at this shop COOL CAT. Clothes that look cheap with all glittery stuff on it and weird texts. I looked like a nerd, ha ha! My eyes opened when I went to secondairy school. I had a hair cut, got lenses and tried to look better with my clothing. The first two years didn't really work out, but since the 3rd year it's all better. Now I am so addicted to shopping, pffoeee, it's not normal anymore, I swear. Every day I want to go shopping and every day I'm on the internet searching for some new stuff. For inspiration. My favourite shops are ZARA, H&M, Bershka, Pieces, VeroModa, Vila, New Look, Top Shop, Primark and River Island. Thanks to making this blog I can let out my heart and tell you all about the things that I like, I hate, I love.

There's a lot to come.

xoxo LJP

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