Hi friends,

Today I had another busy day at work! Luckily the clients make my job fun, my collegues aren't all that nice: the girls kind off bitch at each other. So, I earned some money for tomorrow because I'm going to THE HAGUE :D I'm soooo excited! It's such a nice city and there are lovely shops. After my final year at school (what i'm in now) I want to study in The Hague. All these men in suites, ooeeeehh, that's just so hot!

Yesterdaynight my dad wanted to order something at H&M.com, well, enough reason to say: DADDYYYYYYY and put on a sweet looking face :) hihi.  He payed a blazer and blouse for me, can't wait till it arrives.

Last week I bought ELLE Magazine and Glamour to get inspired for my shopping trip tomorrow. Stuff looks goooood! I totally love fall/winter collections. So much fabrics (think off leatherlook, khaki(army), fake furr, animal prints, knitted wear etc etc.) to combined.

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  1. Hi dear!
    What a nice blog you have here! Keep up the good posts!
    Love from Stockholm.

    This is me:

  2. Hoop dat je het leuke dingetjes hebt kunnen aanschaffen=)


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